Snowshoe Hike with your Team


Snowshoe Hike Up and Toboggan Down

  • Snowshoe hike with a professional mountain guide, starting at the Igloo Village
  • Use of snowshoes, teloscopic walking poles, head torches and toboggans
  • Optional stop in a traditional mountain hut
  • Tobogganing fun right back down to the Igloo Village
  • Minimum number of participants: 6
  • Duration: approx 2-2.5 hrs


from 39,- €

Tyrolean Curling Tournament


Like a Fun Game of "Frustration" on Ice

  • The task: play for the puck
  • The right touch, keeping calm and a bit of beginner's luck will help you and your team collect the points you need to win the game
  • The game can change at anytime if you know the other curling stones or puck
  • Minimum number of participants: 6
  • Duration: approx 1.5 hrs


from 19,- €

Igloo Building Workshop

Iglu bauen nach alter tradition

Build Your Own Igloo

  • Learn the secrets igloo building and discover traditional eskimo techniques
  • Your tools: shovel, saw and your own hands
  • Teamwork is key! Your goal is to work together to build a solid igloo
  • Minimum number of participants: 6
  • Duration: approx 3.5 hrs


from 69,- €

Biathlon Challenge

biathlon challange

Stamina and Accuracy are the Key

  • Speed and stamina are the key to winning the snowshoe relay race
  • Once at the shooting range: let your heart rate slow, take a deep breath, aim and hit the target!
  • Our biathlon expert supervises and motivates the team
  • Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Duration: approx 2 hours

from 79,- €

Avalanche Transceiver Search

lvs suche 01

Team Spirit and Communication are Key!

  • Our mountain guide will expain how to use an avalanche transceiver and then the clock will start ticking
  • Your goal is to use the avalanche tranceiver (transmitter and receiver) to find the hidden treasure as quickly as possible
  • Minimum number of participants: 6
  • Duration: approx 1.5 hrs

from 39,- €

Husky Workshop

husky workshop

Glide over Snow at the Speed of a Husky

  • Discover what it means to be a "musher"
  • Get to know the dogs
  • Learn about husky sledding with a short theoretical and practical briefing
  • Throw yourself into the adventure and steer your own dog sled through the breathtaking winter wonderland
  • Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Duration: approx 2.5 hours

from 99,- €

Snowtubing & Zipfelbob


Fun and Action

Almost everyone can ski these days. Why not try something new?

  • It's a lot of fun to race down the mountain on a "Zipfelbob" (a faster Tyrolean version of a bum board) or on an inflatable snow tube
  • You can chose from a wide range of fun sports eqipment and test them on a set course
  • With a short introduction, a bit of professional support and just a little practice, even non-skiers will be flying down the slopes in style
  • Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Duration: approx 1.5 hrs


from 19,- €

Snow Soccer

Snow Soccer 01

Snow Soccer

  • Playing soccer on grass or sand is so yesterday! These days, you play on snow
  • Snow Soccer offers fun for everyone – professionals, amateurs and beginners who might quickly become the biggest goal scorers
  • Excitement, action and fun are guaranteed!
  • Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Duration: approx 2.5 hrs


from 29,- €


pistenbully fahren

Caterpillar ride

  • We start off with an introduction about riding a caterpillar
  • Afterwards, you can put the theory into practice
  • Ride a 450 HP vehicle
  • Grooming the slopes is fun for male and female participants
  • Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Duration: approx 1 hours


from 89,- €

The Ziesel


Der ultimative Fahrspaß ohne Emissionen

  • Der hochleistungsstarke Elektroantrieb mit einem Gesamtdrehmoment von über 500Nm unter Ihren Beinen verschaffen Ihnen einen außergewöhnlichen Fahrspass
  • Deltaraupen für größte Bodenhaftung und beste Stabilität lassen sich tolle Spuren in den Schnee ziehen
  • Probieren Sie Muster zu formen oder lassen Sie einfach die Kollegen hinter sich und düsen davon
  • Die Professionelle Betreuung zeigt Ihnen Tricks und Tipps für noch mehr Fahrvergnügen
    • Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 10
    • Dauer: ca. 1,5 std.

ab 99,- €


pyrotechnik 01

Kröhnender Abschluss 

  • Höhen-, Barock- oder Musikfeuerwerk - oder doch lieber ein brennendes Firmenlogo?! 
  • Individuell zugeschnitten auf die Bedürfnisse und Wünsche des Kunden
  • Traumhafte Kulisse in mitten der Bergwelt
  • Runden Sie das unvergessliche Erlebnis im Schnee mit einem Feuerspektakel ab!

ab 2.200,- €